We provide designs based on customer concepts.
We handle a wide range of designs such as graphic design for business cards and catalogs as well as GUI design and WEB design.

  • Graphic design
  • GUI design
  • WEB design

Three reasons
why clients choose us

01. Our commitment to design

Business cards, catalogs, and flyers as well as WEB and GUI design.
Following the flow of the times, design media are starting to change from paper to WEB media.
However, though the media are changing, the basics of design do not change. We propose new forms and ideas while maintaining the customer brand image, regardless of the media.

02. Strategic design production

Business card, catalog, flyer, and WEB production...
Methods of design vary greatly depending on the goal.
By hosting several meetings, we strategically handle design production that would lead to obtaining the goals of our customers.

03. We provide designs based on trends of each country

WEB pages and flyers with a lot of text is preferred in Japan. However, this is not the case overseas. Since design trends vary by country, we provide designs based on the trends of each country. We provide design production that follow customer brand guidelines based on customer demands as well as by performing accurate localization.

We produce contents
tailored to your needs

  • Graphic design
    Advertisement and magazine design for reading. Poster and pop-up design for viewing. Catalog and company profile design for introductions.
    We are richly experienced in creating designs for paper media.
  • GUI design
    GUI (graphical user interface) design involves LCD screen design for computers. We provide easy-to-use and easy-to-understand GUI designs for media such as cell phones, tablets, and applications.
  • WEB design
    When designing homepages, it is required to create designs while being conscious of changes depending on browsers, user actions, and animations.
    We carefully provide designs crafted by selecting what is better through discussions with our clients.

Our design production process

  1. Inquiry
    Please feel free to contact us. We will respond to your inquiries with sufficient knowledge of design.
  2. Verification of request details
    We will inquire about the budget, specification, and schedule of your request. Please give us a candid description.
  3. Quote
    We will submit an approximate quotation based on what we have discussed during our meeting.
  4. Order
    After we reach an agreement on the quote, the order is formally placed.
  5. Design production
    After receiving manuscripts related to the product, we will confirm that there are no omissions, and then we will start with design production.
  6. Confirmation and calibration
    We will proceed with production after having our customer check (review and confirm) the content several times after our first submission.
  7. Completion and delivery
    We deliver the final product as printed materials or data. We will make arrangements to respond to customer requests.


Please feel free to contact us for inquiries
and consultations concerning our services.
045-461-4000 (Operating Hours 9:00-18:00)
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