Providing easy-to-understand product promotion movies such as exhibitions, WEB streaming, and commercials for users.

  • Movie
  • Motion
  • 3D movies

Three reasons
why clients choose us

01. Producing movies that makes people want to watch

We are confident that we have the know-how to create movies that make people want to stop in their tracks to watch.
Starting from panel production for exhibitions, we have continued to produce various forms of content such as power point movies and FLASH animations based on the demands of the times. Although media change depending on the times, the essence of production is the same. Utilizing our accumulated experiences and knowledge, we produce content that respond to your demands.

02. Rich production knowledge

Over the years, we have produced sales promotion tools such as catalogs, movies, and websites for various industries and business categories. From our extensive experiences, we have been providing effective promotion through discussions with our customers.

03. Commitment to design details

Half of our content production team is composed of designers.
Therefore, we provide detailed content production that cover detailed designs, fine lighting angles in video content, coloring, and background music. We guarantee high quality designs that are different from what other companies have to offer.

We produce contents
tailored to your needs

  • Movie filming
    We are capable of shooting clips that convey the appeal of products through points such as product movement and descriptions as well as displaying their uses through human interaction. In addition to clips that only feature the product, we are also capable of creating clips in various situations which feature lifestyles, natural scenery, and people.
  • Motion graphics
    We are capable of creating movies with audio and images linked, which display new styles of illustration and text movement that enable users to understand the content without having to actually read the text.
    The new styles of motion graphic movement enable impactful presentations of concepts and introductions.
  • 3D movies
    Conveys the appeals of products through a display of natural textures.
    Capable of achieving images that cannot be achieved in live-action, such as making images transparent in order to describe internal structures of products as well as making segments that cannot normally be seen visible.

Our movie production process

  1. Planning
    Planning is the most crucial factor. We have detailed meetings with our customers to decide on content.
  2. Structure
    An extremely important process for effective movie production in which the goals and targets, concept, and story are determined.
  3. Filming
    When the necessary preparations are complete, filming begins. Since live-action filming cannot be redone, we have our clients be on-site during the shoot.
  4. Editing
    Editing is performed using video, photos, logos, and illustrations. The movies are previewed several times for checking.
  5. Delivery and release
    The movie is complete after fine adjustments are made. The movie is then finalized after it is converted to the final file, and the data is delivered or the movie is released.


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