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By being versatile in the way we provide our services, which range from printing to processing, distribution, and inventory management, YAMAGATA can meet the diverse needs of our domestic and international clients.

  • Printing
  • Binding
  • Distribution

Three reasons
why clients choose us

01. We provide versatile services

We meet the needs of our clients by utilizing different printing technologies, such as digital printing or offset printing, based on what is most convenient for our clients and what most suits their circumstances.

02. Our services are available both domestically and internationally

While we have always been offering our services in Japan, the number of requests we have been receiving from clients overseas has also been on the rise.
We also offer client support for companies overseas looking to expand their businesses in Japan.

03. We provide agile service delivery

We live in an era where agility is in high demand.
In order to meet the needs of clients that require prompt quote and product delivery, we aim to consistently provide our services “ASAP”.

We provide services
tailored to your needs

YAMAGATA employs our manual printing locations in Japan for manual production and utilizes fabless manufacturing for the diversity of specifications required with other types of printing.
We work in cooperation with our partner companies in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and throughout Japan in a flexible system that allows us to cater to our clients' needs.
We also work with inquiries from international clients and printing specifications that are in English.


  • Digital printing
    • On-demand printing (laser printer)
    • Ink-jet printing (UV, water-based)
    • ElectroInk printing
  • Offset printing
    • Oil-based printing
    • UV printing
    • Waterless printing
  • Other
    • Silk-screen printing
    • Transfer printing
    • Label printing
    • Packaging printing
    • Movable-type printing
    • FSC-certified printing

Binding and processing

We also work with the different kinds of processes and finishing performed after printing depending on the product's intended purpose.

  • Perfect binding (unsewn/softcover binding)

    Glued fold binding
    Binding method in which folded leaflets with the main printed content stacked on top of each other are attached at the crease lines with adhesive.
    Thread sewn binding
    Binding method in which the signatures are sewn together at the spine with thread. The resulting book can be opened wide.
    Burst perfect binding
    Binding method in which notches are made in the spines of the signatures into which adhesive is applied.
  • Perfect binding (adhesive binding)

    EVA binding
    Binding method in which standard hot melt adhesive is used.
    PUR binding
    Binding method in which Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) binding adhesive is used. While this adhesive requires more time to dry, the resulting book can be opened wide without the adhesive cracking.
  • Saddle stitching

    Binding method in which wire is bent into the shape of staples and set in two locations on the signatures to hold the book together.

  • Flat binding

    Binding method in which staples are punched on stacked paper.

  • Ring binding

    Wire-O (double O-ring) binding
    Binding method in which double loops of thin wire in the shape of circular rings pass through square-shaped holes in the paper to hold the book together.
    Spiral binding
    Binding method in which a spiral wire is passed through round holes in the paper to hold the book together.
    Cell ring binding
    Binding method in which the teeth of a plastic comb-shaped device are passed through square-shaped holes in the paper to hold the book together.
    • Hard cover

      Binding method in which the book cover is made of sturdy cardboard and covered with printing paper, fabric, leather fabric, etc. for an ornate appearance, and the contents of the book are bound together using the perfect binding and saddle stitching methods.

    • Folding

      A method that does not utilize adhesives, such as a half fold, three panel fold, four panel fold, panel-covering fold, or double gate fold.

  • Foil stamp

    Process in which gold, silver, colored, etc. foil is applied to a book cover or the printed material. While traditional custom printing and digital printing methods are both available, with digital printing, multi-layered overprinting and print coatings can also be applied.

  • Spot varnish

    Process in which varnish is used on certain parts of the printed material to achieve a design. Multiple layers are also possible with the varnish coating.

  • Die-cutting

    Process in which the shapes of a premade cutting die are cut out of the printed material. The desired cut-out shapes can also be created using a cutting plotter without making a cutting die.

  • PP lamination

    Process in which a clear or matte transparent film is applied to the cover of the book. Lamination with velvet-like film, thicker laminates, or laminating pouches is also available.


We can distribute to almost any international market region by working with our printing facilities situated in 10 different countries around the world in addition to our global partners.

Direct mail (DM) mailing
We can help you create all kinds of direct mail, including postcards, crimped postcards, pamphlets, and sealed mail, all just as you need it. We also provide variable data printing services.

How we provide our services

  1. Inquiry
    Feel free to call us or fill out the inquiry form to contact us with your inquiry.
  2. Meeting
    We meet with you in a way that is easiest for you, whether it is in person or online (using an online meeting tool), to go over the details of your request.
  3. Quote
    We propose a plan that will meet your needs.
  4. Consideration
    We look forward to hearing back from you after you have considered the quote and if you have any additional requests.
  5. Quote/specification document delivery
    We make a final assessment of the content of your inquiry and provide you with the quote along with the specification documents.
  6. Order
    After we reach an agreement on the quote, specifications, and deadlines, the order is formally placed.
  7. Start of production
    We begin production to meet the specified deadlines.
  8. Color proofing
    We prepare simple proofs, proofs using the specified printers and paper, etc. as needed.
  9. Bulk production
    After the proofs are approved by the client, we produce the amount specified in the order.
  10. Delivery
    The products are delivered to the specified location by the specified date and time.


Please feel free to contact us for inquiries
and consultations concerning our services.
045-461-4000 (Operating Hours 9:00-18:00)
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