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Over 5,000 registered personnel.
Introducing global human resources with versatile with Japanese and their native languages.

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Three reasons
why clients choose us

01. Of over 12,000 registered personnel, introducing human resources with a high matching accuracy

We have data for approximately 12,000 personnel of 110 nationalities or countries. Our professional registrants all reside in Japan. We are capable of introducing bilingual and multilingual personnel with highly accurate matching rates by carrying out native checks performed by foreign consultants as well as Japanese language ability tests performed based on unique inspecting standards performed by Japanese consultants for personnel with business level Japanese (N1/N2).

02. A detailed follow-up system through SNS tool use

Our experienced visa support consultant will continue to provide support, enabling the foreign residents of Japan and professional personnel we'd introduced to be available for long-term employment.
We have introduced a business version of communication tools used daily by foreign nationals of each country and established an environment that enables them to consult with operators of the dispatching undertaking in order for them to continue working stress-free.

03. Compliance with relevant laws and regulations and establishment of an appropriate information protection system

In addition to complying to laws including the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, Worker Dispatching Act, Employment Security Act, Labor Contracts Act, and Labor Standards Act that are related to labor as well as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, we comply to all laws related to our business, and aim to pursue business activities that conform to social ethics.
Additionally, for ISO/IEC 27001, following our acquisition of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification, we have secured a thorough information security system.

Examples of personnel staffing and recruitment services

  • Game manufacturer S
    Job type: Game translation and localization
  • Motorcycle manufacturer H
    Job type: Translation and interpreting service
  • Telecommunication company S
    Job type: International response operator
  • Game manufacturer K
    Job type: Game translation, localization, and development
  • Sporting goods manufacturer G
    Job type: Customer service and sales using foreign languages
  • Car rental business N
    Job type: Customer service using foreign languages
  • National university K
    Job type: Office work in English
  • Education and service business B
    Job type: Proofreading educational products
  • In-vehicle electrical equipment manufacturer P
    Job type: Native checker
  • Multilingual call center L
    Job type: Multilingual response operator
  • Multi-brand company T
    Job type: Customer service and sales using foreign languages
  • Hotel chain company C
    Job type: Receptionist
  • Medical equipment manufacturer T
    Job type: Technical writer
  • Railway related company T
    Job type: General information
  • Nonlife insurance company M
    Job type: Multilingual response operator
  • Airline related company A
    Job type: Survey researcher

Leave it to us
to dispatch or introduce
professional foreign staff

  • Professional foreign staff
    Personnel staffing
    After having hearing sessions to understand your recruitment needs such as positions in translation, localization, interpretation, customer support, help desk, reception, customer service, general office work, secretary, WEB marketing, and WEB production and editing as well as your required languages, skills, and employment periods, we will introduce professional personnel residing in Japan.
  • Professional foreign staff
    Recruitment services
    In addition to their past experiences, we select personnel based on whether or not they fit the employing company’s vision and culture. Additionally, our recruitment service has a pay-per-success model refund service. We will handle all recruitment related tasks such as job referral forms and contacting applicants regarding their acceptance or rejection. We will lead our clients to achieve successful human resource strategies.


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