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About Blockchain Anti-Counterfeiting Systems

Are you experiencing trouble with the enforcement of anti-counterfeit measures?
Digital certificates using blockchain are now available, and these certificates have already been implemented in a variety of locations for items including paintings, jewelry, and luxury sneakers.
We are pleased to announce that YAMAGATA now offers a blockchain-based system for issuing digital certificates of authenticity as well as providing traceability for a monthly fee.

YAMAGATA Traceability System
This original system developed by YAMAGATA requires a low initial investment for the immediate implementation of the system.

Main Features

  • Blockchains make it impossible for data to be tampered.
  • Information (date, time, location) is recorded at the time of scanning.
  • Makes it possible to specify the location from which products are shipped (digital proof of whether items are made in Japan for cross-border ecommerce).
    It can be verified whether items have been scanned, allowing for the confirmation of the actual sales status (end-user scanning status) even after the product has been shipped.
  • A limit can be put on the number of scans and scans can be disabled.
  • Proof of repair history at authorized stores can be verified digitally.
  • Can be set to one of two settings: Scan QR code → Enter authentication code → Display / Scan QR code → Display
  • UI is available in three languages (Japanese, Chinese, English).
  • Allows for tamper-proof digital certificates of authenticity to be issued.
  • Digital certificates of authenticity can be issued using lists of serial numbers on Excel, etc.

Below is a QR code sample.
Digital certificate of authenticity has already been issued by the first user.
Feel free to scan and sample the system.

We are also open to suggestions for anti-counterfeiting measures utilizing printing techniques, such as printing ink.
Feel free to contact us for more information.


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