TOPニュースリリースOpening of the YOKOHAMA VIRTUAL EXPO


We are pleased to announce that YAMAGATA has taken part in the production of YOKOHAMA VIRTUAL EXPO, an expo incorporating virtual reality (VR) held by the Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation.

The YOKOHAMA VIRTUAL EXPO was organized to provide support for the overseas expansion of companies in Yokohama City amidst restrictions on overseas travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this expo, five companies for the global market and five companies for the Chinese market were produced and are currently being exhibited.
In consideration of the monitoring circumstances for these two markets, the virtual expo was launched with the data of the global market companies situated in Japan and the data of the Chinese market companies situated in China.


Companies for global market

Companies for Chinese market

VR websites are a new way to distribute content.
YAMAGATA is offering our customers the VR content that is optimal for their business.

Online seminar on VR content
A YAMAGATA representative explains the features of a VR website in an online seminar held by the Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation titled “Creation of Business (VR, Blockchain) in the Age of COVID-19”.
We hope to see you there!


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