Production of
instruction manuals/other manuals

TOPServicesProduction of instruction manuals/other manuals (Automotive)

We work with products ranging from four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles to general use products such as outboard motors.
Our specialized staff produce manuals such as instruction manuals and shop manuals through research conducted based on specification documents and diagrams.

  • Research
  • 3D CAD
  • Product

Three reasons
why clients choose us

01. Our specialized staff conduct the research

We have many staff members with mechanic qualifications on staff at YAMAGATA. When producing manuals such as instruction manuals and shop manuals, our specialized staff conduct research using specification documents, diagrams, and from working with the actual equipment and use this research to write the manuscripts.

02. We utilize 3D CAD data

We utilize the 3D CADs created in the development stages of the product and create not only diagrams for the manual but also videos (animation) of the disassembly/assembly procedures in a way that makes the content easy to understand.
We also recommend manuals incorporating 3D CAD data to solve issues where diagrams in the manuals convey information incorrectly and reduce the number of inquiries received on this issue.

03. We provide services that are reinforced by our product expertise

In addition to manual production, we also utilize our maintenance expertise to provide other services, including producing maintenance training materials and conducting training programs.

We produce manuals
tailored to your needs

  • Instruction manuals
    We offer one-stop services from Japanese and English technical writing to localization to other languages by using our in-house developed XML-based system to streamline the translation process.
  • Shop manuals
    Our specialized staff produce shop manuals for fault diagnosis, disassembly, assembly, inspections, and adjustments from the perspective of those performing repairs.
  • Parts catalogs
    We have extensive experience in the production of parts catalogs with large numbers of pages and apply system tools as well as modify work processes to produce catalogs efficiently.

Our manual production process

  1. Inquiry
    Feel free to fill in the inquiry form or call us to contact us with your inquiry.
  2. Verification of request details
    Our staff will verify the details of your request with you.
  3. Quote
    After verifying the details, we create a quote for the content production that accommodates the client's needs.
  4. Kickoff
    For a smooth manual production process, we have meetings with the client to decide the manual format, how to present material, etc.
  5. Manual production
    After we receive the materials from the client, we begin producing the manual.


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