Case Studies

“Multilingual telephone operators capable of responding to high-level demands such as medical interpreting as well as telephone interpreting”

Call center business
Request details:
Multilingual personnel recruitment (telephone operator)


●Since there is an increasing trend in requests which require multilingual response for organizations such as government and municipal offices, local governments, and private enterprises, there is a need for personnel that can respond with Japanese and their native language.

YAMAGATA's response

YAMAGATA introduced staff that could respond in Japanese as well as in their native language (English, Chinese, Russian, Tagalog, Thai, French, Italian, Indonesian) to one of Japan’s most prominent call center that handles 13 different languages. The staff were then assigned to handle medical interpreting and general telephone interpreting through 3-way calling as well as email translations.


YAMAGATA was highly praised for introducing staff with high Japanese language skills. In fulfilling the client’s request to acquire long-term employees, there were cases where foreign personnel with excellent skills had their contract converted from temporary staff contracts to full-time employee contracts.

Employment status: Temporary staff, contract employee


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