Case Studies

“We had been able to concentrate on development since we had requested YAMAGATA to handle a combined order of English document production and local language translations.”

Major manufacturer A
Request details:
Manual production


●English and local language versions of manuals were required for equipment to be exported overseas. However, it was difficult for us to create the English version and we were unsure how to proceed with preparations for the local language versions.
●It was difficult for us to understand how to create locally translated content which included technical terms.
●Our developers had been in charge of manual creation in addition to their main tasks. However, overwork led to delays in the preparation process for manuals.

YAMAGATA's response

A project team composed of staff members with expert knowledge on machine manual creation was established. The English version was handled by our staff who are experts in English document production. Additionally, we carefully selected highly qualified translators for local language translations. While handling technical illustration and DTP creation, our experts in manual production had also conducted in-depth meetings with clients to make sure there were no discrepancies between the client’s demands and the final product.

Order details
・English document creation
・Translation (local language)
・Technical illustration creation


The client required documents to be created in both English and local languages. However, since they didn’t have internal resources to handle the task, we spoke to them of YAMAGATA’s achievements in multilingual content creation, and as a result, we had been offered to handle the entire production process. The client was then able to have their developers concentrate on device development, completing both device and manual on schedule with ease. Initially, the client had considered handling translation tasks themselves, but eventually decided to task YAMAGATA with the entire manual production. We had received positive reactions from the client, stating that it was highly efficient for them to be able to proceed through a single contact point.


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