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What is a Hatarakikata Manual?

The “Hatarakikata Manual” is a digitized working manual service that includes responses to inquiries from companies with needs and issues such as lack of human resources due to population decrease, registration and preparation of work-ready foreign laborers, individualization, and skill transferring. Following an increase in demands including “the need to train various human resources in short periods of time to prepare for store expansion and global expansion” as well as “the need to rapidly digitize manuals that were previously operated individually with no maintenance”, we have entered an age in which maintenance and digitization of work manuals have become urgent tasks.
The Hatarakikata Manual offers one-stop support that range from investigation and production to management and operation. Additionally, for companies expanding globally, we support translation, management, and recycling of business manuals.

Three reasons
why clients choose us

01. Exceeded 30,000 users

The number of users of YAMAGATA's Web work manuals has exceeded 30,000 users. We continue to accept large numbers of requests, producing over 100,000 pages worth of manuals annually.
Applying our extensive experiences, we are capable of providing easy-to-understand manuals for any industry.

02. Extremely easy to operate

The contents of the manuals can be edited, simply by dragging and dropping them on the editing screen. There is no complicated thinking required to achieve digitization.
We have designed the operation panel so that it is easy, even for first-time users, to operate.

03. We are capable of handling requests such as manual production

You do not currently need to have an existing work manual. We are prepared to handle manual production with our network of experienced expert writers of manual production companies that are capable of investigating, analyzing, and improving content. Our multilingual content production system to support overseas expansion is flawless and operation is made easy through our translation management function after the manuals are complete.

We produce manuals
tailored to your needs

  • Hatarakikata Survey
    We do not just simply create a manual. We offer surveys in order to provide optimal manuals for your company's workflow. Professionals and writers in human-centric design survey the situation and environment in which your company's manuals are produced and used. They extract issues through observation, hearings of members, and evaluation of documents. The editors also propose and apply improvements for contents, configuration, and workflow.
  • Hatarakikata Production
    Technical writers on a specialized business manual production team produce easy-to-understand manuals from scratch just for your company. They also completely handle digitization and conversion of large manuals that are currently being operated. The specialized team arranges the content, rewrites, and converts it to HTML. Manual data is stored in the “Hatarakikata Editor”, so your company can continue maintenance and operation on your own. YAMAGATA INTECH boasts one of the highest translation results in Japan. We provide total backup for localization of manuals.
  • Hatarakikata Cloud
    A transmission platform that can also handle public clouds, private clouds, and CMS functions.
  • Hatarakikata Editor
    Easily edit and produce manuals with the Hatarakikata Editor. With intuitive UIs and simple functions, workflow is no problem. You can easily make HTML manuals. The editor has optimal version control management functions for long-term development and operation of manuals, including simultaneous editing and authorization settings for operation by multiple users, and multiple language editing functions that are useful for translation. You can also recycle content from old versions and other manuals for production, making streamlined and optimal database management possible.


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