Case Studies

“Even though the number of inbound customers reduced due to COVID-19, our foreign staff member, who is proficient in Japanese, is capable of handling customer responses in Japanese”

Major apparel brand
Request details:
Multilingual personnel recruitment (sales staff)


●An American outdoor clothing brand also popular in Japan which is located mainly in Tokyo. Understaffed due to store location expansions in various regions of Japan.
●Many foreign tourists visit the stores as customers. Therefore, we would like to employ multilingual personnel.

YAMAGATA's response

Since it was preferable to mainly employ personnel who can respond in English and Chinese at stores with many foreign tourist customers, YAMAGATA proposed bilingual staff who were proficient in Japanese.


Even though the number of foreign tourist customers dropped due to COVID-19, the quality of customer response was maintained since the staff members were capable of responding in Japanese.

Employment status: Temporary staff


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